What does Bureau59 offer you?

  • A personal approach to the project
  • Independent advice
  • Design and engineering of new building installations
  • Design and engineering of retail installations
  • Review and testing of existing buildings retail installations
  • Preparation of starting documents or Programs of Requirements for the composition of design or construction teams
  • Drawing up specifications and work descriptions
  • Drawing up budget budgets
  • Project support project management and management
  • Completion and testing of installations after the realisation phase
  • Trouble shooting existing and new installations

Technical building and retail installations must be designed sustainably and with a view to future techniques, so that new techniques can be applied later and without major modifications. We think of ‘all-electric’ and heat pump applications, solar energy applications, both electrical and thermal and storage systems.

During the process of installation consultancy for the ‘High-end-Retail’ it is important to be able to translate the client’s goal into a technical solution. These are not standard technical solutions, but often ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions. The installation advice must then be fully elaborated so that there are no unexpected surprises or impossibilities during the short and intensive implementation period.